Seventeen Weeks: Not a whole lot to say

13 Mar

I haven’t had a whole lot to say these last two weeks – mostly because I’ve been helping launch yet another blogging venture. That’s right, as you may have noticed, I’m blogging about sexism and gaming again. That’s consumed much of my blogging attention these last two weeks.

That said, I honestly haven’t had a whole lot new to say with regards to my pregnancy. I’m still not showing all that much; I have a few shirts that make me look pregnant, but for the most part my current wardrobe is making me look like I’m just carrying extra weight. (My husband disagrees. He thinks I look pregnant, but I’m ignoring him since everyone else keeps commenting on how I don’t look pregnant yet.)

(And, okay, yeah. That’s been a little weird. My boss commented today that I still don’t look pregnant and I was like, um, I’m getting there? What do you say to those comments? Thanks?)

I guess the only real thing worth mentioning is that this blog has helped the pregnancy feel a little more real than it did in the beginning, which is nice. (Although I’m still joking about octopus-baby.)

That’s all you get for today.


One Response to “Seventeen Weeks: Not a whole lot to say”

  1. Anne October 17, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    I am also PWF and loved reading your blog. Thanks for writting! Would love to hear more about how your pregancy went…

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