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Seventeen Weeks: Not a whole lot to say

13 Mar

I haven’t had a whole lot to say these last two weeks – mostly because I’ve been helping launch yet another blogging venture. That’s right, as you may have noticed, I’m blogging about sexism and gaming again. That’s consumed much of my blogging attention these last two weeks.

That said, I honestly haven’t had a whole lot new to say with regards to my pregnancy. I’m still not showing all that much; I have a few shirts that make me look pregnant, but for the most part my current wardrobe is making me look like I’m just carrying extra weight. (My husband disagrees. He thinks I look pregnant, but I’m ignoring him since everyone else keeps commenting on how I don’t look pregnant yet.)

(And, okay, yeah. That’s been a little weird. My boss commented today that I still don’t look pregnant and I was like, um, I’m getting there? What do you say to those comments? Thanks?)

I guess the only real thing worth mentioning is that this blog has helped the pregnancy feel a little more real than it did in the beginning, which is nice. (Although I’m still joking about octopus-baby.)

That’s all you get for today.


Fifteen Weeks: On pregnancy as the root cause of everything

2 Mar

One of the stereotypes I’m getting tired of is the pregnant woman as a weepy ball of hysterical, emotional hormones, because that just hasn’t been my experience. And, you know, I get it. Pregnant women have crazy amounts of hormones that do wacky and unpredictable things, and some women do get more emotional as a result. But it’s a little tiring having to be wary of people assuming that when I get emotional that I’m just hopped up on pregnant lady hormones. I’m an emotional person, people. I get easily worked up about stuff. It’s not hormones, it’s just garden variety “I’m messed up about stuff”.

Case in point.

When we finally started telling people about the pregnancy, we told pretty much everyone we knew over the span of one or two days, including my co-workers. So I told my co-workers and had the “I’m pregnant” conversation for the umpteenth time and everything seemed fine… Until later that morning when I heard something on the radio that reminded me of my father. And all of a sudden it hit me all over again that I couldn’t tell my father I was pregnant and I just started crying. So of course that was right when one of my co-workers walked by my desk.

She wanted to make sure I was okay, so I told her what was going on and she nodded sagely and said something to the effect of “hormones”. And I nodded and went along with it, even while I was saying to myself – no. It’s been less than a year since I lost my father, who I was close to. This isn’t pregnant lady crazy. This is just me missing my father. Arg.

I know that it will only get worse once I start actually showing. Right now my current clothes are still pretty much hiding the pregnancy because in the past when I’ve carried extra weight it all goes straight to my stomach, so I tend to go for shirts that emphasize the boob and de-emphasize the stomach. But I’m already getting a preview, thanks to my tae kwon do classes, where it’s starting to have real impacts on my limitations.

The most obvious of these is having to swear off participation in any sparring or other drills that involve contact. There are others, though, mostly centering around the fact that I don’t bend quite as well as I used to. (Considering that I’m always admonishing students in the weekly class I teach not to be lazy during the warmups, it’s something they pay attention to.) And, being teenagers, they’ve taken to ascribing everything I do to my pregnancy. No I did not forget which hand you do that block with because I’m pregnant. I’m slightly dyslexic and get mixed up sometimes. No, I am not picking on you by making you do drills you don’t like because I’m pregnant. It’s because you’re whiny teenagers and I’ll admit to taking perverse satisfaction in making you do drills you don’t like that will improve your technique. It’s schadenfreude, not pregnancy.

…and so on.

At least for now I can “get revenge” by making my students work harder. Would that I could do that with everyone who will accuse me of pregnant lady crazy in the near future.